Amy Williams (born 1982) won the gold medal at Skeleton Bob, generally just known as Skeleton, in the 2010 Winter Olympics, held in Vancouver, Canada. This spectacular sport has been described as the equivalent of hurtling headfirst down an icy confined track on the equivalent of a tea tray.

Amy is the daughter of a chemistry professor and a midwife, and has a twin sister. Originally, she didn't aspire to participate in winter sports at all, but to be a middle distance runner. However, while she was studying at the University of Bath in Western England she decided to see how she fared on an artificial track, and though she described the experience as terrifying, she was evidently hooked! She failed to qualify for the 2006 Winter Olympics, but after success in the 2010 World Championships, her participation in the Vancouver games was a given. She not only triumphed, but broke the world record twice.

She retired from the sport at the height of her game, and her subsequent activities have included broadcasting and rally driving.

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