"Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse" is a 1960 children's cartoon television show that was produced by Trans-Artists Productions and syndicated by Tele Features Inc.

The characters were originated and created by American author Bob Kane (born Robert Kahn October 24, 1915 – November 3, 1998) and American actor and voice-over artist Dal McKennon (born Dallas Raymond McKennon July 19, 1919 - July 14, 2009) as a spoof of Kane's earlier creations, "Batman and Robin".

Chauncey "Flat Face" Frog, better known as "The Frog" is a recurring arch-enemy who appeared in nearly every episode of "Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse". He is a chortling, cigar-smoking, derby-hatted, criminal mastermind whose voice was based on Edward G. Robinson (born Emanuel Goldenberg December 12, 1893 - January 26, 1973). Edward G. Robinson was a Romanian-born American actor. He is best remembered for his tough-guy roles as gangsters in such films as "Little Caesar" (1931) and "Key Largo" (1948).

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