Kefalonia or Cephalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands in western Greece and the 6th largest island in Greece. The capital city of Cephalonia is Argostoli.

In the late Roman Empire, Cephalonia was part of the Roman province of Achaea.

Following the loss of the bulk of Italy, and the expansion of the Muslims into the Western Mediterranean, the island became a strategically important base of operations for the Byzantine Empire in the area, blocking Muslim raids into the Adriatic and serving as a bridge for expeditions in Italy.

Cephalonia was captured during the Third Norman invasion of the Balkans in 1185, and it became part of the County palatine of Cephalonia and Zakynthos under the Kingdom of Sicily and Venetian suzerainty, until its last Count Leonardo III Tocco was defeated and the island conquered by the Ottoman Empire in 1479.

Turkish rule lasted only until 1500, when Cephalonia was captured by a Spanish-Venetian army.

Venice was conquered by France in 1797 and Cephalonia, along with the other Ionian Islands, became part of the French département of Ithaque.

In the following year, 1798, the French were forced to yield the Ionian Islands to a combined Russian and Turkish fleet. From 1799 to 1807, Cephalonia was part of the Septinsular Republic, nominally under the sovereignty of the Ottoman Empire, but protected by Russia.

In 1864, Cephalonia, together with all the other Ionian Islands, became a full member of the Greek state.

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