Skegness is a seaside town in Lincolnshire on the East coast of England, abutting the North Sea.

The Jolly Fisherman (often known as just "Jolly") started life as a railway poster designed for the Great Northern Railways in 1908 by the artist John Hassall (1868-1948) and advertising an Easter excursion to the town from London King's Cross, costing 3 shillings (roughly £18 in today's money). Although the excursion in question only ran until 1913, the poster and the image became iconic. It was accompanied, as to this day it sometimes still is, by the anonymous slogan "Skegness is SO bracing". Those who know the town would suggest that at times "bracing" can be something of a euphemism.

Not surprisingly, he has inspired the names of a number of pubs and hotels, and there is a statue of him to this day on the concourse of the town's railway station.

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