Kyrgyzstanis is a poor, landlocked, mountainous country in Central Asia. It is officially, The Kyrgyz Republic, but everyone calls it Kyrgyzstan.

The Turkic history goes way back: "Kyr" in ancient Turkic translates 40. Kyrgyz translates to "we are forty", and "ghyz" in ancient Turkic is "girls". According to legend, the 40 girls were the mothers of the 40 tribes that made up the original Kyrgyz nomadic people. The country's flag reflects the county's history, with 40 rays of the sun depicting the 40 original tribes. The center graphic representing a yurt, the movable house used by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia. Stan translates to "The land of" so we get, the land of 40 girls.

The national hero, Manas, united the 40 tribes around 840 AD., defeated the Uighur, and the Kyrgyz became a major force in the area for several centuries. Eventually, they became part of the Mongol Empire, then part of the Russian Empire in 1876, then the Soviet Socialist Republic from 1936, and finally an independent country in 1991 when the USSR dissolved. But since it became independent, the national government has been toppled a couple of times. The Soviet industrial plants were idled and mostly sold for scrap to China. So there’s some gold mining and some animal raising and some corn and cereals grown, but that’s not much to sustain an economy.

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