A neighborhood watch is an organized group of civilians devoted to crime and vandalism prevention within a neighborhood. The aim of neighborhood watch includes educating residents of community on security and safety and achieving safe secure neighborhoods. When a criminal activity is suspected, members are encouraged to report to authorities.

In the United States, neighborhood watch builds on the concept of a town watch from Colonial America. The current American system of neighborhood watches began developing in the late 1960s as a response to the rape and murder of Kitty Genovese in Queens, New York, who, a 28-year old, was stabbed outside the building. The New York Times claimed that 38 witnesses saw or heard the attack, but none called the police or came to her aid.

The United States National Neighborhood Watch Program is run under Citizen Corps that focuses on residential areas through citizen involvement. The National Sheriff's Association (NSA) officially created The National Neighborhood Watch Program in 1972 to assist citizens and law enforcement. In 2002, NSA in cooperation with USA Freedom Corps, Citizen Corps and the U.S. Department of Justice, launched USAonWatch, now renamed National Neighborhood Watch.

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