Betty Williams (1943-2020) was a Northern Irish peace activist who co-founded the 'Community of Peace People'. The organization aimed toward creating peace in Northern Ireland. In 1976, Williams was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, together with Mairead Corrigan, who co-founded the organization.

The Peace Prize money was divided between Williams and Corrigan. Williams intended to use her share to promote peace beyond Ireland, but faced criticism for her decision. As a result, she broke away from the 'Community of Peace People' in 1978 and became an activist for peace in other areas around the world instead.

Betty Williams became the Head of the 'Global Children's Foundation' and the President of the 'World Centre of Compassion for Children International'. She later chaired the 'Institute for Asian Democracy' in Washington D.C.

As a campaigner, Williams lectured on topics of peace, education, inter-cultural and inter-faith matters, and children's rights. She was also a founding member of the Nobel Laureate Summit, which has taken place annually since 2000, and a founder of the Nobel Women's Initiative, which began in 2006.

Betty Williams passed away on 17th March 2020 in Belfast at the age of 76.

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