"Two Laughing Boys with a Mug of Beer" is a painting by Frans Hals showing a 'Kannekijker' (mug-looker). Someone looking into a mug refers to an old Dutch word for a glutton, greedy for more. This visual theme was also used to depict sight as one of the five senses, and various people have argued about whether this portrait was meant as one in a series of the five senses along with "Two Boys singing" for hearing and a variant version of "The Smoker" for smell.

Frans Hals the Elder (c. 1582 – 26 August 1666) was a Dutch Golden Age painter, mainly of individual and group portraits and of genre works, who lived and worked in Haarlem. Hals played an important role in the evolution of 17th-century group portraiture. He is known for his loose painterly brushwork.

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