In the movie "Saw", the memorable quote, "I want to play a game" is uttered by Jigsaw (Tobin Bell), the main antagonist of "Saw" (2004). This line is uttered by Jigsaw to his victims as he begins his death game, where individuals must solve puzzles and disarm traps. They are routinely killed when time runs out. The quote has subsequently appeared in the other movies in the "Saw" series.

Jigsaw loved to greet his victims via a sound recording. He would begin his interaction with the reference line "Greetings and welcome. I want to play a game." Next, he would force his victims into situations where they would have to fight for their lives. Individuals would be heavily maimed, mentally and physically. Most often the people under Jigsaw's control were allowed to pick a painful death instead of being maimed.

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