The River Prut, also spelled Pruth, is a 953 km (592 mi) long river in Eastern Europe. It forms part of Romania's border with Moldova, as well as Ukraine. The Stânca-Costești Dam is used as a checkpoint between Moldova and Romania.The Prut starts in the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine, and eventually flows to the southeast to join the River Danube.

Before World War I, the Prut marked the border between Romania and the Russian Empire. Afterwards, it acted as a border between Romania and the Soviet Union. Today, 31 km (19 mi) of the river forms the border between Romania and Ukraine. Around 711 km (442 mi) then forms the border between Romania and Moldova.

The largest city along the banks of the River Prut is Chernivtsi in Ukraine. It also passes through Sniatyn, where there is a Hydro-Electric Station.

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