The U.S. telephone company's Yellow Pages slogan, "Let your fingers do the walking" was introduced to the public in 1962. It was created by Stephen Baker, an advertising art director with Cunningham & Walsh. This slogan is one of the most familiar ever used. Sassy ads used it to become a symbol in the world, which solely belonged to the American phone company. But Surprisingly, neither the slogan nor the Yellow Pages name and symbol were protected by copyright or federal trademark registration.

Currently, almost every independent directory publisher uses some form of the famous symbol, and all are free to create their own versions. The slogan and the 'Walking Fingers' are deeply ingrained in the minds of American consumers and businesses. They are so iconic that no other symbols, which are used to discuss Yellow Pages directories, can gain any wide acceptance.

Now, the evidence shows that consumers are still encouraged to "Let their fingers do the walking." But swiping, tapping, and scrolling on and on Yellow Pages apps is the way to do it. Every major mobile device can now be used for this purpose. No longer are the "Yellow Pages" in directory form. YP is a local search powerhouse, garnering 50 million unique monthly viewers across its flagship properties and YP mobile.

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