If you ever make a purchase in Bulgaria, you may end up with a few stotinki (the plural of stotinka) in change.

The country, which is part of the Balkan Peninsula, is now a member of the European Union. While it may do so in the future, as of 2021 Bulgaria had yet to adopt the Euro, so currently the only currency which can be used there is the Lev, of which the stotinka is a fraction.

To confuse matters, shops occasionally show prices in Euros as well, so visiting Europeans can better understand how much they are paying. (The practice could just as easily cause misunderstanding, however.)

One Bulgarian Lev is equivalent to 100 stotinki, and the word “stotinka” essentially means (one) “hundredth”. The coins come in 5 different denominations: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50.

For comparison’s sake, the Bulgarian Lev is worth about 0.59 in U.S. Dollars, 0.51 In Euros, and 0.43 in British Pounds.

The words “keep the change” come to mind.

More Info: en.m.wikipedia.org