Two films received 14 nominations, they are "All About Eve" (1950) and "Titanic" (1997).

Basically, to be eligible for nominations in any of the feature film categories, a movie must now meet certain requirements:

It must be more than 40 minutes long. Its public premiere must have been in a movie theater, during the appropriate calendar year (during 2003, for the 76th Academy Awards). It must have premiered in 35mm or 70mm film format or in 24-frame, progressive scan digital format. It must have played in an L.A. County theater, for paid admission, for seven consecutive days, beginning in the appropriate calendar year.

If a producer or distributor would like their eligible film to be considered for an Oscar nomination, they must submit an Official Screen Credits form. This form lists the production credits for all related Oscar categories. The Academy collects these forms and lists the submitted films in the "Reminder List of Eligible Releases." In January, the Academy mails a nomination ballot and a copy of the "Reminder List" to each Academy member.

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