While many major cities are divided into distinct ethnic neighborhoods (Chinatown, Little Italy, etc), the Buford Highway with its international corridor is jam-packed with strip malls featuring native cuisines of varied immigrant populations, one next door to another. The Buford Highway uses old Atlanta Highway 13, stretching 30 odd miles from Atlanta to suburban Buford, Georgia.

Within one parking lot, it may be shared by restaurants offering Chinese potstickers, Salvadorian pupusas, Mexican beef tongue tacos, Korean barbecue, etc. The businesses on the corridor will also change from time to time. When an old favorite closes, a new spot opens, showcasing a different country of origin. Together, new and changing immigrant communities are forging a more global southern part of the United States.

A popular Atlanta based publisher of alternative weekly newspapers, 'Creative Loafing', in their March 2012 Neighborhood Guide Report for their various newspapers said: it is time to call "the Buford Highway Corridor Atlanta's best neighborhood for diversity in the South. This is something that everyone in America should be proud to know!"

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