Huey, Dewey, and Louie are the triplet nephews of Disney's Donald Duck. They are typically recognised by their shirts and baseball caps. Huey usually wears red, Dewey blue and Louie green.

The triplets made their debut in Al Taliaferro's (1905-1969) comic strip 'Donald Duck' on 17th October 1937. They are named after American politicians Huey Long and Thomas Dewey, and Disney Studio animator Louis Schmitt.

Huey, Dewey, and Louie are the sons of Donald's sister Della Duck. In the comic strips, the three were usually well behaved, but in animated versions, the mischievous ducklings often finished each other's sentences and played tricks on their Uncle Donald.

On a few occasions, an artist accidentally drew four ducklings, which went unnoticed until after publication. To cover up these blunders, comic editor Bob Foster invented a fourth nephew named Phooey Duck.

Donald's nephews appeared in 27 short films between 1938 and 1966. They have also appeared in several television series, including 'Donald Duck Presents' (1983), 'Quack Pack' (1996), 'Mickey's House of Villains' (2002), and 'DuckTales' (2017). The latter was a remake of an earlier series, which focused on the life of Scrooge McDuck, the triplets' great-uncle.

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