The countries of the region are Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. The Rice Bowl countries, together with the States of Malaya, occupy the southern extreme of continental Southeast Asia. The Region borders both India and China, the two most populous countries of the world. The Rice Bowl countries produce about one-sixth of the Free World's rice supply but they account for almost two-thirds of the rice entering international trade. In 1935-39, the five countries produced an average of 17 million metric tons annually or about 18 percent of Asia's rice (excluding Mainland China). By 1960-64, their combined production had risen to 25 million tons annually, but the relationship with Asia remained unchanged from prewar. For the Region, production per capita decreased from 399 kilos in 1935-39 to 352 kilos in 1963. However, Thailand's rice production per capita has continued to show a small but steady gain.