Renowned for its hot springs, glaciers, geothermal power and frosty climate, Iceland is certainly a great place to settle down because of its impressive attractions and level of security for the local population and foreign travelers. In fact,the country is also one of the most developed, based on a study by the UN. It, also, has a large per capita income which proves it's accomplishments and wealth.

However, if Iceland doesn't do it for you, then here are some more of the top 10 countries to live and raise a family in.

Norway is rated #2.

Denmark is rated #3.

Finland is rated #4.

Austria is rated #5.

Switzerland is rated #6.

New Zealand is rated #7.

Sweden is rated #8.

Singapore is rated #9.

Canada is rated #10.

Now keep in mind that some of the rankings are a little arbitrary but Iceland was listed as #1 on numerous lists and the other countries were listed in the top 10 just in a little different ranking in the different reports.