Yes, a bear can eat practically everything. It likes nuts, mushrooms, strawberries, blueberries, rowan and sorb berries. A bear can also consume small animals, birds, ants and, of course, fish. If a bear is REALLY hungry, it can even try to hunt a moose.

It is fun to watch how a bear eats ants. He sticks his tongue into the anthill and waits until the ants come to it and get stuck to it. That is when the bear eats all of them at once.

A bear can spend hours sitting beside water to wait for a fish to pass by, keeping his paw in the air, ready to strike. The second he spots a fish, he quickly catches it with a precise strike.

And we must also include honey. If our furry friend finds a hive, he sticks his paw inside, gets the honey and just licks it off. Bee stings do no damage because of thick skin that all bears have.