The word karaoke in Japanese means empty orchestra. This Japanese word (karaoke) is a blend of two words — kara (“empty”) + oke (short for “orchestra”). Karaoke is a specific form of entertainment where an amateur singer sings along with recorded instrumental music.

Today, karaoke singing takes many forms. Mainly singing during evening time will take place in pubs and bars all over the world. Many amatuer singers get a chance to sing and perform to a popular song where there is no lead vocal. Singers and their voices can be heard with the music. The beauty is that the singer does not need to be of any level of ability. An opportunity is given to everyone to sing.

It is sometimes difficult for many people not used to singing or performing to be able to match their singing in time with the music. Singers may also find it difficult to remember all the words of their chosen song. Many entertainment providers provide screens where the lyrics can be displayed and a 'bouncing ball' will hover over the relevant word in time with the music. Karaoke experiences are therefore available and can suit individuals (kids and adults) of all ages and abilities.

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