Rhodotus is a genus in the fungus family 'Physalacriaceae'. It is a monotypic genus and consists of the single mushroom species 'Rhodotus palmatus', known in the vernacular as the netted rhodotus or the rosy veincap. This uncommon species has a circumboreal distribution, and has been collected in eastern North America, northern Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Typically found growing on the stumps and logs of rotting hardwoods, mature specimens may usually be identified by the pinkish color and the distinctive ridged and veined surface of their rubbery caps; variations in the color and quantity of light received during development lead to variations in the size, shape, and cap color of fruit bodies.

The unique characteristics of 'R. palmatus' have made it difficult for taxonomists to agree on how it should be classified, resulting in an elaborate taxonomical history and an extensive synonymy.

More recently, molecular phylogenetics analysis has helped determine that Rhodotus is most closely related to genera in the 'Physalacriaceae'.

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