Queens in New York City is the easternmost and largest of the five boroughs by area. It is geographically adjacent to the borough of Brooklyn at the southwestern end of Long Island, and to Nassau County further east on Long Island. In addition, Queens shares water borders with the boroughs of Manhattan and the Bronx.

The borough of Queens is the second-largest in population (after Brooklyn), with a census estimated 2,339,150 residents in 2015, approximately 48% of them foreign born. Queens County is also the second most populous county in New York, behind the neighboring borough of Brooklyn, which is coterminous with Kings County.

Queens is the fourth most densely populated county among New York City's boroughs, as well as in the United States. If each New York City borough were an independent city, Queens would be the nation's fourth most populous city, after Los Angeles, Chicago, and Brooklyn. Today, Queens is also the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world.

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