Although the village of Coton in the Elms in the county of Derbyshire in the English East Midlands is, indeed, mentioned in the Domesday book, it is not the country's oldest settlement. Its claim to fame is that it is further from the sea than anywhere else in the country (the United Kingdom as a whole, not just England). It lies 113 kilometres or 70 miles from the nearest coastline. Technically the furthest spot is Church Flatts Farm, less than a mile outside the village itself. Its specific location and co-ordinates are Latitude: 52° 43.6' N Longitude: 1° 37.2' W.

Although it is now a sleepy village, with a population (recorded in the 2011 Census) of under a thousand, it has been of historical importance, not least as a staging point on trade routes. As said above, its origins date back at least to early Medieval times, when it was originally part of the lands of the Abbey of Burton in Staffordshire, a neighbouring county. Readers may be interested to know that although its present church is relatively modern, dating back to the 19th century, the bells of the old church were transferred to the nearby village of Lullington, and can still be heard in Coton.

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