The most popular Danish Christmas dessert, Risalamande is a creamy almond rice pudding that is served topped with a cherry sauce. It is served at Christmas dinner. It is made of rice pudding mixed with whipped cream, sugar, vanilla, and chopped almonds. It is served cold with either warm or cold cherry sauce.

It is probably the most popular Christmas dessert, served every Christmas Eve following dinner. The name comes from the French, 'riz à l’amande', which translates to “rice with almonds.” But the almonds are only one aspect of what sets this rice pudding apart from all others.

There’s a fun Christmas tradition that accompanies this dessert: The cook hides one whole almond in the rice pudding and whoever finds it in their serving wins a present. The catch: Everyone has to keep eating until the almond is found, no matter how full they are! The finder may conceal their discovery as long as possible, so that the rest of the company is forced to eat the entire dish of risalamande, even after they have already devoured a large Christmas dinner.

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