The Plymouth Valiant was introduced in 1959 as a 1960 model. More than 145 thousand cars were sold during its first sales year, dwarfing the Fury's 82,030 sales. Weighing in at 2,635 to 2,860 lb, these "Q" series Valiants sold for between $2,033 and $2,860 (the most expensive model cost $1/pound).

The first Valiants were sold as a separate line, along the pattern of DeSoto and Imperial; within the Valiant line were the V-100 and V-200. Both featured a unitized body and torsion bar front suspension; the sole powertrain was the then-new 170 cid Slant Six with a single-barrel carburetor. In their early years, there were convertible, station wagon, and two-door hardtop versions as well as the standard four-door sedan (two-doors started in 1961, convertibles in 1963).

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Plymouth first appeared as a brand in 1923 in the US. The Plymouth automobile introduced that year became Chrysler Corporation's first entry in the low-priced field.

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