The correct name of the painting in this instance is The Large Blue Horses by Franz Marc, 1911, Expressionism. Some horses in a deep blue color are curving gracefully throughout the painting. They are galloping across red hills under a yellow sky. Art critics have said that Marc considered blue a masculine color, and yellow a feminine color. With the mix of blue and yellow used in this work, the horses are a wild and free group under the gentle guidance of the yellow sky to prevent their power from overflowing. The additional colors of white, turquoise, and green appear alongside blue and yellow which seems to help to give this art a sense of harmony.

Marc's style of painting often featured animals, which he said were more spiritually pure than humanity. Throughout his entire career, Marc painted hundreds of works featuring animals: horses, foxes, cats, steers, etc. The Large Blue Horses is considered one of his most appealing paintings.

Franz Marc was also a key figure in German Expressionism, and he was a founder of Der Blaue Reiter. He began his art career late in life after he studied theology and philosophy in school. He studied art under Gabriel von Hackl and Wilhelm von Diez; naturalism was his initial painting style. After going to France, he painted in the style of Impressionism. He looked to Vincent van Gogh for insight. Next, he developed a style of abstraction derived from Kandinsky’s precedent, ascribing colors symbolic values. Marc died young in WW I.

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