SunPass is the Sunshine State’s electronic, prepaid tolls program. You can be a SunPass customer even if you don't live in Florida. The E-PASS, O-PASS and LeePass are alternative names for the same device and vary in name according to some counties. These devices all work the same and are part of the SunPass Network.

This all-electronic, no-cash tolling means there are no cash tollbooths that will slow you down and everyone has the convenience of paying tolls without having to stop.

Once your SunPass balance gets low, you will start receiving a notice when you pass through the tolls. You can add additional funds to your account at any time.

If you are not a SunPass customer or opt to run the toll, tolling cameras will take a photo of your vehicle’s license plate and send out a TOLL-BY-PLATE monthly invoice (via mail) for the tolls plus an administrative charge to the registered owner of the vehicle.

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