Ginjinha is a Portuguese liqueur made from sour cherries. It’s dark red in color and is served in small shot glasses or edible chocolate cups.

It is made by infusing ginja berries (sour cherry, the Morello cherry) in alcohol (aguardente) and adding sugar together with other ingredients, with cloves and/or cinnamon sticks being the most common.

Ginjinha has an unmistakeable cherry flavor that hits you full on. It’s simultaneously sweet and strong. It’s not a shot. Just because it’s served in a shot glass, that doesn’t mean you need to toss it back like tequila. It’s best to sip it slowly, savor the taste, and enjoy it.

It’s an undeniable symbol of Portuguese culture, and a local product that brings together people of every origin and age (18 and over, of course).

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