In all of major league baseball history, Cy Young is head and shoulders above all other pitchers in the 125 + year history of major league baseball. During his career in the major leagues, he amassed a total of 511 victories. His career spanned 21 years from 1890 to 1911. He pitched 1 perfect game and 3 no hitters. He was an iron man, pitching 7,356 innings and 749 complete games. In a very distant second place is Walter Johnson with a total of 417 victories under his belt. Some of you may remember Warren Spahn. 'Spahnie' pitched most of his career for the Milwaukee Braves. He was a left handed pitcher and holds the major league record of 363 wins by a lefty. Warren Spahn is in sixth place overall for number of wins. And of course every baseball fan remembers Greg Maddox. He spent most of his career with the Chicago Cubs and the Atlanta Braves. He ended his career as the eighth most winning pitcher in baseball history with 355 victories.