Uranus is exceptional! This fact finds its reflection in various aspects. Actually, Uranus is not even a mere planet as it belongs to the category of gas giants – huge basilisk masses of chemical compounds. However, even here Uranus can't stop being unusual – besides its characteristic of a gas giant, he also added to his list of achievements the position of "icy sturdy". This means that Uranus' compounds are hold in low temperatures, and as a result small pieces of ice can be found almost everywhere on its surface. It also was the first planet of the solar system seen by humanity with the help of a telescope.

And finally, Uranus can be proud of its axis of rotation that appears… to be parallel to Uranus' plane! Yes, it may sound not surprising at all. But here is the thing – if our Earth had had the same ridiculous rotation, then there would have never been any life! One half of the planet would have been deadly cold, the other one – devilish hot. And the positions of the two hemispheres would have been changed every day! That explains a lot of curious things happening to this planet – for example the place that is supposed to be an equator (as on the millions of other planets) turns out to be either Uranus's North or South Pole.So Uranus can be compared to a rolling ball, changing its position all the time.