Miss Kitty, who was a main character in the TV show, was portrayed as the owner of the Long Branch Saloon. The Long Branch Saloon was featured in the western drama and made television history for 19 years from September 1955 to its final season in 1974. It is said that it probably appeared in all 568 episodes of Gunsmoke.

When Gunsmoke began in 1955, Miss Kitty was just a working girl. But as things would happen, Miss Kitty bought a half-interest in the place or won it in a game of poker. Eventually, she was able to buy the place outright and be the full owner after several years. She didn't do bad for a working girl.

Everything happened in The Long Branch. Fights got started there. Farms were won and lost at the poker table. Pretty girls just stood there watching when some cowpokes would be fighting over ’em. Matt Dillon would stroll in and keep the peace again and again. If somebody got hurt, Doc would come and slap a bandage on whatever ailed ’em. Festus would just watch, or comment; but the best thing Festus did was to speculate and worry.

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