Terrence Higgins (21 March 1938 – 27 November 2019), professionally known as Terry de Havilland, was an English shoe designer, often cited as the ‘Rock n Roll Cobbler of the 1970s’ and is most famed for his key part in the ‘Swinging London’ fashion scene, with clients including Marianne Faithfull, Led Zeppelin, Bianca Jagger and David Bowie. His platforms are still worn today by the likes of Kate Moss.

Terry de Havilland was born in London into a family of cobblers and was quite young when his parents started their own company, Waverley Shoes. He was already assisting in the workshop at the age of five. Their company catered to wealthy West End clientele and showgirls from the city’s busy theatres, producing highly popular winkle pickers that were selling faster than his father could make them.

On 4 May 1970, his father was killed after being accidentally electrocuted in his factory. de Havilland did not abandon the brand, but went on to open his own store ‘Cobblers to the World’ on the Kings Road in 1972, with the company doing fourteen trade shows a year. He was making shoes for everyone from Tim Curry in The Rocky Horror Picture Show to leather thigh high boots for Jackie Onassis.

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