The Magic Mountain Hotel ('Montana Mágica') looks like something straight out of a fairytale. It is reminiscent of a gnarled, wooden cone with a waterfall cascading from its pinnacle, approached via a wooden drawbridge and with porthole windows peeping out at irregular spaces. As if that weren’t magic enough, it’s surrounded by a pristine biological reserve.

The Magic Mountain Lodge is part of the complex of the 'Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve'. It is the first hotel, conceived as a harmonious copy of a mountain. This lodge was built with noble indigenous materials by artisans from the neighboring communities of Neltume and Puerto Fuy.

The water from the area is of particular purity. The project of a mountain is developed from the idea of showing the energy and life of this element, from which this life arises and contains the magic of old tree forests inside, discovering in each of their details, beings and elements that are unique and irreplaceable and that are part of the native forest. The local community consists of small restaurants, plus craft shops selling furniture and animal sculptures.

'Huilo-Huilo Biological Reserve' is a private for profit natural reserve and ecotourism project in southern Chile. The reserve was created in 1999 and includes 600 km2 (232 sq mi) of native forest in Chile dedicated to wildlife conservation and tourism.

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