"All in the Family" is the 1970s sitcom where the home address is 704 Hauser Street. Norman Lear, who developed the show, and his writers set the series in the Queens neighborhood of Astoria. The location of the Bunkers' house at 704 Hauser Street is fictitious (no Hauser Street exists in Queens).

"All in the Family" was produced by Lear and Bud Yorkin. It starred Carroll O'Connor, Jean Stapleton, Sally Struthers, and Rob Reiner. This show revolves around the life of a working-class family. The show broke ground in its depiction of issues previously considered unsuitable for a U.S. network comedy television. The show touched on such issues as racism, anti-semitism, infidelity, homosexuality, women's liberation, rape, religion, miscarriages, abortion, breast cancer, the Vietnam War, menopause, and impotence. Through depicting these controversial issues, the series became arguably one of television's most influential comedic programs. It was able to inject the sitcom format with more dramatic moments and realistic, topical conflicts.

"All in the Family" is a sitcom TV-series that was originally broadcast on the CBS television network for nine seasons, from January 1971 until April 1979. The following September, it was continued with the spin-off 1979 - 1983 series "Archie Bunker's Place", which picked up where "All in the Family" had ended.

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