The 1970s to 1980s U.S. TV sitcom which had the theme song "Movin' on up" was "The Jeffersons". Ja'Net DuBois and Jeff Barry co-wrote "The Jeffersons" theme song, which was sung by DuBois with help from a gospel choir. Sammy Davis, Jr. was able to record a cover version of this song in 1978.

The show is a spinoff from "All in the Family" and is about literal upward mobility. African-American couple George and Louise Jefferson move into a swanky high-rise building. George is an obstreperous, often rude guy who thinks his wealth should get him anywhere he wants to go. His wife is more levelheaded and often puts him in his place when his schemes go awry. Beginning with each episode, the following words are sung and heard "We're moving on up, to the East Side, to a deee-luxe apartment in the sky ... ."

"The Jeffersons" lasted 11 seasons and produced a total of 253 episodes. It was one of the longest-running sitcoms in the history of U. S. television. It was created by Don Nicholl, Michael Ross, and Bernie West. Norman Lear was key to its entire development. The regular cast included: Isabel Sanford, Sherman Hemsley, Marla Gibbs, Roxie Roker, Franklin Cover, Paul Benedict, Mike Evans, and Berlinda Tolbert.

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