Actor Xiao Zhan played the role of Wei Wuxian in the series "The Untamed", a live drama adaptation of novel "Mo Dao Zu Shi". The series was a Superhit and most watched series of 2019. Xiao Zhan won the Sina Film & TV Awards for most popular actor of the year for his role as Wei Wuxian.

The series is about two cultivator friends finding the truth about some hidden conspiracies. The main protagonists of this series are Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji. "Mo Dao Zu Shi" is a novel written by chinese author Mo Xiang Tong Xiu. Common genres of this series is thriller, mystery, friendship and fantasy.

Xiao Zhan (Chinese: 肖战; pinyin: Xiāo Zhàn, born 5 October 1991), also known as Sean Xiao, is a Chinese actor and singer. He debuted as a vocalist of group X-nine in 2016.

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