The British General who was defeated at Yorktown Virginia in the American Revolutionary war was Charles Cornwallis. He later became the Governor-General of India. Despite the loss in that battle, Cornwallis was able to regain his standing as an important British statesman and colonial governor. He had served under both General Clinton and General Howe and received some blame for the military losses in the American colonies. Cornwallis returned to Britain with Benedict Arnold, and they were cheered when they landed in Britain on 21 January 1782.

Cornwallis apparently had many friends in Parliament and was appointed for other important work for the Crown in the years that followed. His appointment to India came in 1786. In addition to his India Governorship, he served in Ireland (1798) and defeated an Irish rebellion.

Cornwallis was made a Marquess and Lord of the Realm. He returned to India in 1805 where he died of a fever in October of that year.

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