The character that Burt Reynolds played on the 1955 - 1975 TV series "Gunsmoke" was Quint Asper. This character was one of his early roles in the legendary TV Western series. He joined the cast in 1962 playing a mixed-race blacksmith; he appeared in nearly 50 episodes between 1962 and 1965.

On the show, as a part Native American, Quint Asper came to "Gunsmoke" and Dodge City as a man who vowed vengeance on all white men because two drifters had killed his father and terrorized his mother. Marshall Matt Dillion (James Arness) sees the good in Quint. Matt thinks, perhaps, there is a chance to re-integrate Quint, into the society that produced his father.

"Gunsmoke" is routinely placed among the best shows of all time. This is a television series that ran for 20 seasons and lasted for 635 episodes. At the end of its run in 1975, it was reported in national news, "Gunsmoke", a great TV Western series, is ever "the stuff of legend".

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