The United States Constitution has just 4,400 words and it is the oldest written constitution of any major government in the world. The U.S. Constitution came into force in 1789, it has been amended twenty-seven times. The first ten amendments are known collectively as the Bill of Rights. They protect individual liberty and justice and place restrictions on the powers of government. The majority of the seventeen later amendments expand the protections of civil rights to individuals.

Amendments to the United States Constitution, unlike ones made to many other constitutions world wide, are appended to the end of the document. With seven articles and twenty-seven amendments, the U.S. Constitution is designed to be flexible and to meet the needs of the country. All five pages of the original U.S. Constitution are written on parchment. The Constitution of the United States is the first constitution of its kind, adopted by the people’s representatives for an expansive nation; and it has truly influenced the constitutions of many other nations.

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