According to expert research and well documented studies into fatal interactions between canines and humans, since 2005 - 2017, the Pit Bull has been identified as the breed/type of dog involved in most incidents (284), ahead of the Rottweiler in 45, and the German Shepherd in 20.

Pit Bulls aren't seen as any more problematic than any other breed by nature, but when they are not raised properly and socialized and treated right, they very often have serious behavior problems. In their everyday actions, Pit Bulls are considered to be aggressive dogs. They are known to turn on other dogs and animals even ones that they are raised with. Experts attribute this negative trait to years of inbreeding.

Pit Bulls have great physical and mental characteristics that make them excellent partners for responsible, active, and caring owners. On the other hand, these same outstanding qualities will make them difficult to handle for people who don’t have a lot of experience with dog ownership or for those who don’t understand the dog's history as a type. It’s very important that every potential Pit Bull owner understands the dog's selective breeding. Since this has taken place, it has resulted in today's actual breed, with their inherited harsh characteristics. Each Pit Bull potentially may be a wonderful human companion when it is handled with affection (love) and necessary proper instruction.

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