"Cat Ballou" (1965), a cheerful lampoon, is about an innocent young schoolteacher (Jane Fonda). She becomes an outlaw to avenge the death of her father at the hands of Tim Strawn, an evil desperado with an artificial silver nose.

Among her sidekicks are two gun-shy cattle rustlers (Micheal Callan and Dwayne Hickman) and an Indian (Tom Nardin). The final member of the gang is Kid Shelleen, a bleary-eyed, boozy but goodhearted gunfighter and look-alike brother to the silver-nosed killer.

The roles of Shelleen and Strawn are portrayed by Lee Marvin. Marvin was offered the dual portrayal after other actors with film conflicts couldn't be in the film. Marvin's dual roles in "Cat Ballou" (which earned him an Oscar) made him a versatile star after years of efficient - but sometimes unsung - villainy in support of actors like Marlon Brando ("The Wild One"), Spencer Tracy ("Bad Day at Black Rock"), Montgomery Clift ("Raintree County"), James Stewart ("The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance"), and John Wayne ("Liberty Valance, Donovan's Reef").

Stubby Kaye and Nat King Cole are also featured in "Cat Ballou" as barroom balladeers who move into the picture at intervals and sing of what's going on. This film was produced by Harold Hecht and directed by Elliot Silverstein from a screenplay by Walter Newman and Frank Pierson, which was adapted from the 1956 novel 'The Ballad of Cat Ballou' by Roy Chanslor. The film was a success; it earned over $20.6 million in ticket sales in 1965.

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