The clever and razor-sharp 1981 film starring William Hurt and Kathleen Turner which is the "Double Indemnity" for a new generation is "Body Heat". This film is the directorial debut of Lawrence Kasdan, the screenwriter of "The Empire Strikes Back" (1980) and "Raiders of the Lost Ark" (1981).

"Body Heat" is about a seedy small town Florida lawyer, Ned Racine (William Hurt). He begins a passionate affair with Matty Walker (Kathleen Turner), wife of a wealthy Florida businessman (Richard Crenna). With the help of one of his criminal clients, bomb maker Teddy Lewis (Mickey Rourke), Ned hatches a scheme to kill Matty's husband so that they can run away together with his money. But complications build upon double-crosses, launching the hapless lawyer into a situation far more treacherous than he imagined.

"Body Heat" is an erotic thriller which was written by Lawrence Kasdan. It was inspired by the film "Double Indemnity". It was produced by Fred T. Gallo, Robert Grand, and George Lucas (uncredited). Distribution was by Warner Bros. (WB). The film stars are Hurt, Turner and Crenna, with featured roles by Ted Danson, J. A. Preston, and Mickey Rourke. This film launched Turner's career as a movie star.

"Body Heat" was a commercial success. Produced on a budget of $9 million, it grossed $24 million US dollars at the box office in the US and Canada.

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