Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman starred together in "Days of Thunder" (1990), "Far and Away" (1992) and "Eyes Wide Shut" (1999). The two (Cruise and Kidman) did not star together in the film "The Color of Money" (1986). This film has two masters (Martin Scorsese and Paul Newman); they are at ease making a really enjoyable movie, while Tom Cruise is showing that he is now a star in the making.

In the film, former pool hustler "Fast Eddie" Felson (Newman) decides he wants to return to the game of pool by taking in a pupil. He meets talented but green Vincent Lauria (Cruise). He proposes a partnership. As they tour pool halls, Eddie teaches Vincent the tricks of scamming, but he eventually grows frustrated with Vincent's showboat antics. Their actions lead to an argument and a falling-out. Eddie takes up playing again and soon crosses paths with Vincent as an opponent. Between the two men, there resides Carmen (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio). She is the girlfriend and manager of Vincent. With tough control, she’s got the measure of Eddie. Eddie and Carmen share a geniune understanding of Vincent.

"The Color of Money" is an American drama. It was directed by Scorsese from a screenplay by Richard Price. It was based on the 1984 novel 'The Color of Money' by Walter Tevis. The film was released by Touchstone Pictures and was a true critical and commercial success.

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