Huancaina sauce is made of 'queso fresco' (fresh white cheese), vegetable oil, yellow Peruvian pepper. evaporated milk and salt mixed in a blender. Some recipes call for garlic, onion and crushed saltines.

The sauce is part of a dish called Papa a la Huancaína (potato with Huancaína sauce), but people love it so much that it’s used in several other concoctions. It can be used to up the taste of a variety of different dishes. For instance, Huancaina sauce is great with pasta, rice, and/or noodles. It’s also an amazing dip for fries and veggies.

Papa a la Huancaina makes for one of the best sides for chicken, as well as other grilled meats. The spicy creaminess matches all sorts of food perfectly. Papa a la Huancaina is typically served cold as a starter over lettuce leaves and garnished with black olives, white corn kernels and hard-boiled egg quarters.

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