The 'Great Victoria Desert' is the largest Australian desert. Its size is 424,400 square km (163,900 square miles) according to most sources. The 'Great Victoria Desert' in Australia is arguably the third largest desert in the world, after the 'Sahara Desert' and the 'Arabian Desert'.

The 'Great Victoria Desert' spans over 700 km/435 miles from west to east, with the western part of it belonging to Western Australia, and the eastern part extending into South Australia. It can take several days to cross this desert.

On the borders of the Great Victoria Desert you find... more deserts. The 'Gibson Desert' in the north, the 'Little Sandy Desert' to the north-west, the 'Nullarbor Plain' in the South, and the 'Tirary' and the 'Sturt Stony' deserts to the east. Australia is a dry country once you leave the coasts. No wonder people always talk about "the Outback desert".

The 'Great Victoria Desert' in Australia was first crossed by the European explorer Ernest Giles in 1875 and named after Queen Victoria.

David Lindsey's expedition crossed the area from north to south in 1891.

'Lime Juice Camp' is named to remind us of one of their mishaps: it was there that the party decided to have a celebration and open their supply of lime juice. It was mixed with whiskey and water in a galvanized tin, with the result that everybody became rather sick with zinc poisoning.

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