The European route E22, which spans a length of about 5,320 km (3,310 mi), is a route that begins in Holyhead, Wales and ends in Ishim, Russia. In Britain, the route uses the entirety of the M180, and parts of the M56, M6, M62, M60 and M18.

The M180 is about 42 km (26 miles) long, starting in Hatfield, South Yorkshire and ending in Barnetby le Wold, North Lincolnshire. When following the E22 route, drivers exit the M18 onto the M180, which finishes at the A180 road. The A180 leads to the A160, which takes vehicles to the Port of Immingham & Grimsby from where they can catch a ferry to Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The international E-road network is a numbering system for roads in Europe developed by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). The network is numbered from E1 up and its roads cross national borders. The E22 travels through Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Latvia and Russia.

Major cities on the E22 route include Manchester and Leeds in Great Britain, Bremen and Hamburg in Germany, Malmö in Sweden, Riga in Latvia and Moscow in Russia.

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