"The Counterfeit Traitor" is a 1962 war movie that revolves around a Swedish "quisling" (collaborator), being blacklisted by the Allies after the individual traded manufacturing materials with officials of the Nazis government. This film has William Holden playing an American-born Swedish citizen. He will come to an agreement to spy on the Nazis in WW II.

Initially, oil merchant, Eric Erickson (Holden) is blacklisted by the Allies for selling goods to the Nazis. He will finally agree to spy on the Germans to clear his name. He presents a false plan to the Germans, which gains him the trust of senior officials and allows him to inspect existing oil stations. Meanwhile, Eric passes good information to Collins (Hugh Griffith), a British intelligence expert. However, the Nazis learn that Eric's lover, Marianne Möllendorf (Lilli Palmer), is secretly an Allied spy. With this fact being known, Eric and Marianne are both put in extreme danger.

"The Counterfeit Traitor" was directed by George Seaton and stars Holden, Palmer, and Griffith. The supporting cast includes Carl Raddatz, Ulf Palme, Ernst Schröder, Charles Régnier, Ingrid van Bergen, Helo Gutschwager, Wolfgang Preiss, Werner Peters, and Erica Beer. The film was produced by George Seaton and William Perlberg. The screenplay was by Seaton and Charles Grenzbach. It was based on a non-fiction book, 'The Counterfeit Traitor' by Alexander Klein. Critics and fans both admire the movie; it made a profit.

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