First published in 1999, with its iconic illustrations by Axel Scheffler, this story, told in verse, has become one of the most popular of all modern children's classics. It tells the story of a plucky little mouse walking through a wood, and evading capture by evoking the image of the dangerous gruffalo, whose food of choice appears to be the creature the mouse encounters. But of course, as he tells himself, "there's no such thing as a gruffalo!"

Things take an unexpected turn when the mouse encounters a real-life gruffalo! But in the tradition of the "little man" in fairy-tales, he turns the tables on him by persuading him that the mouse is the most feared creature in the woods.

In the original Chinese prototype of the story, the anti-hero was a tiger, but as Donaldson admitted with endearing frankness, it was hard to find rhymes - and she had given the world a memorable creature!

There is also a sequel "The Gruffalo's Child" - and although the child in question is female, some translations turn it into a male.

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