The moon completes a revolution around the earth about every 30 days. By visual observation, we note that the moon rises later each night than it did the previous night. The actual amount later is close to 50 minutes later each night.

This would rule out the moon rising and setting every night since after about 2 weeks the moon would be rising in the morning instead of at night and setting in the evening instead of the morning. This can be proven by carefully watching the sky. About half of every month, you will not see the moon in the evening but it will be in the morning or afternoon sky.

By carefully watching the moon for just a few days, you will notice that the time between moon rise and moon set will vary from a minimum of 10 hours to a maximum of 14 hours.

By just observing the moon one night, you will notice that the moon rises in the eastern or south eastern sky and sets in the western or south western sky. In general, the moon travels from the eastern to the western parts of the sky.

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