Meryl Streep (born 1949) is an American actress described as the “best actress of her generation.” She is particularly known for her talented ability to display and adapt to various accents required for the film roles.

Among the different accents displayed are her Danish accent used in ‘Out of Africa’ (1985); to British Received Pronunciation in ‘The French Lieutenant’s Woman’ (1981), ‘Plenty’ (1985), and ‘The Iron Lady’ (1981); Italian in ‘The Bridges of Madison Country’ (1995); a southern American accent in ‘The Seduction of Joe Tynan’ (1979); a Minnesota accent in ‘A Prairie Home Companion’ (2006); an Upstate New York accent in ‘Ironwood’ (1987); and a heavy Bronx, New York accent in ‘Doubt’ (2008).

She has been active in the performing arts since 1975 and has acquired numerous accolades and awards including a record 21 Academy Award nominations, winning three, and a record 32 Golden Globe Awards nominations, winning 8.

In 2004, Streep was awarded the American Film Institute, Life Achievement Award.

President Barack Obama bestowed the Presidential Medal of Freedom to her in 2014. That award is the U.S. nation’s highest civilian honor. Accompanying the award, the citation read in part, “Ms. Streep has captured our imagination with her unparalleled ability to portray a wide range of roles and attract an audience that has only grown overtime, portraying characters who embody the full range of the human experience.”

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