The 2000 film "Dinner Rush", an American independent film, written by Brian S. Kalata and Rick Shaughnessy, and directed by Bob Giraldi, deals with converging pressures from a son (Udo) and a gambling sous-chef (Duncan), who is treated like a son and works in the very popular local restaurant, as well as organized crime. It stars Danny Aiello as the restaurateur-bookmaker (Louis Cropa), living in a really lively neighborhood in New York City's Tribeca with Edoardo Ballerini as his son, the restaurant's star chef.

The film was produced by Louis DiGiaimo, Patti Greaney, and Giraldi. Its cinematography was handled by Tim Ives; the music score was directed by Alex Lasarenko. Aside from one sequence before the opening credits, the movie adheres to two of the three classical unities: time and space. All of the events after the opening credits occur during one evening at Cropa's adored restaurant or to spots just outside the doors leading to the great meals and refreshments inside.

Overall, the film's critical reception from the viewing audience and movie critics was highly positive. It received a 90% rating on a 100% scale from independent surveys conducted by both the 'New York Times' and the 'Los Angeles Times'.

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